Donata Cassava Innovation platform


  • Producer access to improved cassava varieties
  • Enhanced soil fertility management and use of herbicides to control perennial weeds in cassava
  • Cassava product development and processing
  • Market and information access.

Basic Information

Entry Point

  1. Producer access to improved cassava varieties
  2. Enhanced soil fertility management and use of herbicides to control perennial weeds in cassava
  3. Cassava product development and processing
  4. Market and information access.


  • Cassava



Location(s) of Innovation Platform in Ghana

  • Ayigbe
  • Nkonsia
  • Wenchi

Participating States, Villages and Institutions

Amponsakrom, Ayigbe, Nkonsia, Wenchi and Wurompo

Date of Establishment

January 1st, 2014

Status of Innovation Platform


Phase of Innovation Platform Progress

Phase 2


Description of Innovations



Private Sector

Policy Makers



Micro Financing Institutions



Total Number of Stakeholders

0 - 10

Opportunities Addressed

  • Improve income of smallholder cassava producers, processors and marketers.
  • Sensitize Policy, Institutions/Organizations in Integrated Agricultural Research for Development (IAR4D) concept
  • Transfer and disseminate improved cost effective technologies along the cassava chain
  • Exchange and share indigenous knowledge and practices among various stakeholders
  • Enhance skills and knowledge
  • Strengthen linkages and encourage peer learning
  • Scale-out and up of adapted technologies through the media

Achievements to Date

  • Farmers have access to new improved cassava varieties
  • Improved method of cassava cuttings
  • Cassava yield increased by 186%.
  • Establishment of Good Practice Centre (GPC)
  • Personal contribution of $1249 (kind and cash) by Ayigbe platform members
  • Enhanced interactions and participation through Farmer –led field visits, Peer learning and Mentoring.

Challenges Remaining

  • Limited skills and competence in setting up a functional IP.
  • Setting up of effective governance for sustainability of IP.
  • Effective integration of M&E into Platform activities
  • Changing mind-set of research & extension facilitators and other actors
  • Irregular internet services

Sustainability Issues

  • Sensitization Directors of CSIR and National Directors of MoFA on IAR4D concept and DONATA activities to ensure buy-in
  • Adoption of Innovation Platform approach of technology dissemination for WAAPP II.

Innovation Platform Members

IPTA Focal Person / Organization

Farmer/ Farmer group

Agri -businesses

Public/ Private Extension