Acila Enterprises Ltd

Acila Enterprises Ltd


Acila Enterprise Ltd started operations in 1996 as a grain stocking centre for bulking and storage of produce for bulk resale. The Enterprise later started dealing in seed and Agro-chemicals with the intention to enhance small holder farmer groups access to quality Agro-inputs in Teso and Karamoja Sub-regions. Acila Enterprises has since grown attracting confidence of 300 small scale farmer groups(9000farmers); buyers such as Nile Breweries for white sorghum, NGO’s such as USAID, WFP, International Fertilizers Development (IFDC), World Vision, GOAL Uganda, African Fertilizer & Agri business Partnership, CIDI, AFAAB and local and regional seed companies such as NASECO 1996 Ltd, Sim-law seeds, Pearl Seeds, East African Seeds, FICA seeds Ltd (to multiply foundation seed with local farmers on their behalf) for subsequent resale to the seed companies for dressing, packaging and sale-back as seed to local farmers.

Basic Information

Entry Point



  • Maize
  • Sorghum



Location(s) of Innovation Platform in Uganda

Participating States, Villages and Institutions


Date of Establishment

January 1st, 1996

Status of Innovation Platform


Phase of Innovation Platform Progress

Phase 1


Maize, sorghum

Description of Innovations

1. Bulking of seed for sale to seed companies for dressing, processing and packing for sale to farmers for planting;
2. Retailing of planting seed to local farmers;
3. Sale of Agricultural Chemicals and Farm Implements and tools;
4. Bulking of cereal grains for sale to multinational companies, NGOs, Government agencies, and local traders;
5. Multiplication of own seeds for commercial purposes; and
6. Value addition to the bulked produce.
7. Farmer groups mobilization & trainings




Private Sector


Policy Makers






Micro Financing Institutions




Total Number of Stakeholders

More Than 100

Opportunities Addressed

Goods (seeds) and services taken closure to farmers

Achievements to Date


Challenges Remaining

Poor agricultural practices as opposed to Good Agronomic Practices, Low production & productivity ,Low uptake of quality inputs by the farmers, Few youth and women are engaged in agriculture, unemployment among the farmers ,Low household incomes among the community, the cost of inputs are still high for the farmers among others

Sustainability Issues

Acila Enterprises uses Village Agents who supply goods & services at the village level to farmers and buy back the produce from the farmers.
We shall always seek and engage developmental partners to help us close the gaps in the value chains that we are involved

Innovation Platform Members